6 Surprising Facts About Hip Hop Music Producer Timbaland That You May Not Know

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Timothy Zachery Mosley or “Timbaland”, is a rapper, songwriter and producer who originally entered the hip hop industry back in 1990. One of the most popular songs that he is known for producing is “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. Even though he has been in the industry for over two decades, he is still a formidable force within the industry.

Here are some facts that you may not know about him…

1) Highest Paid Producer At One Point

Even though Dr. Dre is the listed as the most expensive producer in the hip hop industry, producer Timbaland topped Dr. Dre as being the most expensive producer at one point. During this period, he charged as much as $270,000 per track.

2) Partially Paralyzed For Nine Months

Even though he is right handed, he DJs with his left hand. This is because he was shot while he was working at a Red Lobster. The injury resulted in a partial paralyzation of the right side of his body for an entire year. During this period, he learned how to DJ and primarily used his left hand, due to the partial paralysis that affected the right side of his body.

3) Music Producer Of Empire

Many hip hop fans are well aware of the fact that Empire and Power are two of the hottest TV shows that are out there, which features various elements of the hip hop industry. However, what most people don’t know is that Timbaland is the music producer of Empire.

4) Honorary Patron

In October of 2008, hip hop music producer Timbaland was inducted into the Philosophical Society of Trinity College, as an Honorary Patron.

5) He Was Closer To Aaliyah Than Most People Think

Many people assume that the only relationship that Timbaland had with deceased singer Aaliyah was strictly business. However, this is far from the truth. In a rare interview, he proclaimed that she was like blood or in essence like a family member. He has also proclaimed that her untimely death was so heartbreaking that he took a break from producing music for a few years.

6) His Drum Game Was Heavily Respected

Similar to Dr. Dre, Timbaland is known as one of the hip hop legends in regards to banging hip hop drums. ¬†Even all the way back to his hit “Pony” with Ginuwine, those drums are considered years ahead of their time. ¬†Timbaland will forever be known as a hard hitting, hip-hop drum sample Icon.

Here is a video of Timbaland in the studio with Busta Rhymes