Top 7 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Hip Hop Music Producer Dr. Dre

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While it may be true that you may not have forgotten about hip-hop producer Dr Dre, chances are that there are several things that you may not know about him. As you may already know, Dr Dre is a multimillionaire rapper/music producer who was the co-founder of the “Beats” headphones. He originally entered the hip hop industry back in 1984 and is currently regarded as one of the most influential individuals within the hip hop industry. Here are six things that you may not know about hip hop music producer Dr Dre.

1) Head Slammer

In 1990, Dr Dre slammed TV personality Dee Barnes’s head into a brick wall before kicking her in her in the ribs and punching her in the back of the head. She initially interviews Ice Cube as to which she spoke about the beef that Ice Cube was having with Dr. Dre. Her TV show featuring Ice Cube was played, immediately after an N.W.A video was played, which infuriated Dr. Dre because he was trying to resolve the conflict. He eventually proclaimed that she deserved it, and paid a $2500 fine, received two years of probation and served 240 hours of community service.

2) California Love Was Originally Set To Be Dre’s Song And Not Tupac

California Love is regarded as being a hip hop anthem for California. So much so that many people believe that you can’t truly call yourself a Californian hip hop enthusiast if you have never heard of it. Even though the song features Tupac as the main artist and Dre as the backup artist, it was originally set to be Dre’s first single from the album “Aftermath.” However, Suge Knight placed Tupac on the second verse, which essentially made it Tupac’s song.

3)Tupac and Dre Did Not Get Along During Their Time At Death Row Records

According to several credible sources, Dre didn’t like the fact that Tupac signed into Death Row after being released from prison. And while many people believe this was just a rumor, during a rare interview Tupac dissed Dr Dre numerous times.

4) Suge Knight Paid Someone To Attack Dr. Dre

During the 2004 annual Vibe Awards, Quincy Jones and Snoop Dog was in the midst of presenting Dr. Dre with the Lifetime Achievement award, when suddenly, a mysterious man appeared and asked Dre for his autograph. After which, he subsequently attacked Dre. Even though the incident was eventually situated, in 2005, the NY Post reported that the individual “Jimmy James Johnson” was paid approximately $5000 by Suge Knight, to attack Dre during the award show.

5) Only One Of Two Hip Hop Producers To Receive Producers Of The Year

Besides Neptunes, Dr Dre is the only hip-hop producer to win the Grammys “Producer of the Year” award. The album that he produced which earned him the Grammy was “The Marshall Mathers LP” which sold approximately 1.76 million within the first week of its release.

6) The Loudest Hip Hop Drums on the block

Dr. Dre is probably most famous for making one of the loudest hip hop records of it’s time – Chronic 2001. It was an iconic hip hop record in the fact that no one had heard hip hop drum samples hit that hard before. They were loud, they were tight and they were everything you would expect to hear on a Dr. Dre record. Since then every other producer in the industry has gone on to tweak their hip-hop drum sounds to hit just as hard, if not more.

7) Dr Dre Started The Phrase And Song “F— Tha Police.”

N.W.A is known for being the first group to coin the phrase “F— That Police.” In an interview that was conducted in 2007, Dr Dre proclaimed that he came up with the phrase after police officers caught him and Eazy-E riding around with a paintball gun that they used to shoot people who were waiting at bus stops. When they were caught, the officer made the Eazy-E and Dre lay face down on the pavement as they pointed guns at the back of their heads. Dr. Dre proclaimed that this was the inspiration for the popular song and quote “F— Tha Police.”

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